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Wow, it's been a while since I was last able to gain access to my LJ page. I have missed you all. I hope you survived the holidays and have not suffered from any bad winter weather.
Things are good here. If I haven't posted it, I am now a MOTHER-IN-LAW. My younger son and his lovely girl were married this past summer. We all gathered to celebrate Christmas with her mother and her younger sister in Florida where her mother lives and where she and her sister grew up. It was a fun family trip.
In the winter storm that came through here this week we were blessed to only have a day of sleet and snow that covered parts of our yard/front and back. The tree limbs were sheathed (sp?) in ice, but within 24 hours it was cracking and falling onto the ground and making a lovely noise. Other parts of the USA were not as lucky as we were.

Since I was last able to access Live Journal I had a small car accident. (actually it was not my fault, an idiot ran into me) our insurance company proclaimed my car to be "Totaled" so I had to get a new set of wheels. We decided on larger vehicle than the little one I had been driving and I LOVE my new "LUCY". Yes, that's her name. She's a NISSAN ROGUE. Lots of room for a change.

RedDog and RubyDee went through a health scare a few months ago during tick season. They had to take treatment at the Veterinarian for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It was costly, but worth it, since they are our furry babies. I apologize if I shared that already.

My neurosurgery went well, but I still have some pain in my shoulder. Still, it's not as bad as it was. I have been declared to be HEALED by the surgeon.

Looking forward to reading and catching up with my LJ Friends


Hello dear LJ friends, I'm now able to get back to a kind of routine following the trip to NYC/Brooklyn for Adam and Adina's wedding celebration. And then the event here in Tennessee to celebrate with Adam's college friends and some family members.
My brother came with his new bride, and my sister and her husband were here as were their two sons, along with one daughter in law.
Adina's sister and her wonderful life partner came to our house with the kids so we could get to know them better and we all enjoyed Mike's delicious Venison Chili one evening while we all shared stories.

The Brooklyn party was most wonderful, so much love and great speeches, and joy.Adam's brother Dan got ordained as a Minister so he could do their ceremony. (He did the same thing when his best friend Mark married his love.)
The Memphis party was not as special as the party in Brooklyn as my inlaws are royal pains in the behind. BUT, Adam and Adina's Memphis friends made it special for them and they enjoyed cutting the cake I had ordered for them. (there's a story attached to that, but I will not bore you with the silliness of it all)

It's been wonderful being back at home with my furry babies settling back into our boring routine. Red and Ruby are happy to have me back home with them too.

While we were gone the garden was producing tomatoes which I ADORE eating with just mayo on bread. There are enough tomatoes and basil to make some sauce to serve with pasta when the weather starts getting colder.

And, that's all I have for now. Hope you have all been doing well.

Time does fly

Tomorrow my dear husband will be celebrating his 64th birthday. I find this so laughably difficult to believe that we have made it into our 6th decade of life, so soon! We have been married for 41 years. I was 20 and he was 23 when we married, and we dated for the four years before that.
Happy happy happy birthday Michael, dear father to my two beloved sons, and protector of me an the dogs. He has put in an order for NO BIRTHDAY CAKE, but he DOES want a BANANA PUDDING, so I will be making tomorrow.

In other news, Adam and Adina's marriage celebration parties are coming up and the closer we get to them the more nervous I get. I tend to look for all the things that could go wrong, so those are the things that are rolling around in my mind. While everyone else is looking forward to both parties, the first one in Brooklyn and the second one THE NEXT DAY here in Memphis. I am going to be so tired from all that time on a plane that my Fibromyalgia will be playing havoc with my enjoyment of it all. Oh well....thankfully this is NOT about me, so I can drift off to the edge of the events and find comfortable spot to sit and just smile and wave at the guests.
After the party here they will be flying back to New York to then get on another plane to celebrate their marriage in the most beautiful city in the world....Paris. I am so happy that things worked out for Adam to take his bride there and show her where he spent some time as a college student.

In dog news, both Red and Ruby appear to have gotten over the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, but from time to time, I notice that they SEEM to be starting to run a fever again, but then it passes...it may be just me worrying over nothing...time will tell. Most of the time they are busy running around the backyard chasing squirrels and eating raspberries that I pick for them off the raspberry canes.
Hello friends. Things are good here. The dogs seem to have gotten over the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever reasonably well but I check them for symptoms of the fever and lethargy daily, just in case. The garden is doing well. I will be harvesting the Basil soon for making Pesto. We enjoyed lovely strawberries, blueberries and raspberries at the bginning of the summer, and the tomatoes and corn will be ready to harvest soon. The fruit trees we planted are growing and we're hoping to have at least a small harvest of apples, pears, and figs next year. Our sons are doing well. Adam is recovering beautifully from his lower spine surgery, and Dan has been doing his Maternity rotation at the hospital. So far he still says he prefers the Emergency Room as it's different everyday. I was released by my surgeon last week, so now my surgery for the nerve pain is old news. I am very grateful to my surgeon for having such precise skills. September will be busy. There are two events to celebrate the marriage of our Adam and his true love Adina with two parties. The first will be in Brooklyn and the second will be the next day in Memphis with friends and family, Memphis Style BBQ and wedding cake. They are all booked for their honeymoon in Paris. Adam told us he had always wanted to take her there (he spent time there as a college student) so I started saving money to pay for it. Adina' mother got wind of my plans so she gave them money for their plane tickets. (she is a wonderful lady and I'm happy she is in Adam's life) AND, that's about all that's going on here.

Picking Peas

Well folks, I am going to be in much trouble with the husband when he gets home. He's been askng me for days now to go to the garden and pick the peas. I lost track of time, and went out to the garden a few minutes ago to finally get this job done. WOE IS ME! The weather has gone from pleasant to SUMMER HEAT and the peas, while still there and edible, have lost their sweetness. Mike is going to give me 'THE LOOK'.
I hate getting 'THE LOOK'.
(insert deep mournful sigh here)
At least I have one thing going in my favor...when I finish this post I will be making him the Banana Pudding he has been looking forward to since Father's Day.

In Dog News, RedDog and RubyDee are both feeling much better since their round of medicines to defeat the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever they both got from Ticks in the backyard. They still bring ticks into the house after they get their exercise in the backyard, but we're all hoping and believing they got enough of the meds into their system that they don't have to suffer again. For the Vet, I have been saving the ticks that have dropped off the dogs and put them in a container filled with alcohol to take to the Veterinarian's office so he can possibly learn something to warn other pet owners.

Aaaaaaand, I guess that's all I have for now, off to peel some bananas!

Nothing really

Hello all, I don't get here everyday, but that doesn't mean I don't think about you all. I hope life is treating you all well and life is good.
Things have improved around here as my two furry babies are slowly recovering from the tick born illness they contracted. Red still gets hot/feverish from time to time but it doesn't last, and Ruby seems to be completely healed. She caught it after he did, so I presume that since she saw the Veterinarian as soon as I noticed the symptoms in her she got a better start on treatment.
Red now has an occasional rise in his temperature so I sit and hold him til he remembers there is an big outdoors awaiting him and jumps from my lap and heads for the door.

I've hit a fatigue hump and am very frustrated. Having Fibromyalgia can really put a wrench in the workings of living a life. So, while I am very tired, the pain in my left hip and leg are starting to be a burden, so I guess I will be telling the neurologist about this nonsense when I see him next month.
Also have been napping a lot and then staying up late...wierd, It's kind of like a newborn baby who has his days and nights mixed up. (smile) At least I have never heard of Fibromyalgia killing anyone.

Take care all.

Back Surgery for Adam

Hello all, I'm posting this to ask for prayers, or for you to keep our son Adam in your good thoughts this coming week. We will be flying up to NYC on Thursday to be with him and Adina on Friday when he will be having surgery on his lower back to finally relieve him of pain he has been nursing for several years now. He believes in the surgeon he has chosen and I think is even looking forward to getting some relief.
Thank you for reading this and for keeping our family, and my baby boy in your thoughts and prayers. I am so grateful I can ask this of you all.

Red Came Home Today But

Red got to come home from his stay at the Vet this morning, along with three medications. The Vet got the results from the tests he'd done and called me about a half hour ago to say that my little boy has ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER. I'm not going to do a search for it's effect on dogs as I do not want to be burdened with fear, so I'm just going to be Nurse Mama and pray my heart out. The Vet did say that he was pretty sure this would be the finding and he had sent me home with the exact medications that would treat it.

Update From Tennessee

Hello all, hope life is treating you well.

Things are good here today. Yesterday I had to take my sweet sidekick, RedDog to the Vet. He was so sick. He was lethargic, had a very very high fever and just no energy or appetite, so he was dehydrated. I called today to check on him and asked of I could drop by and see and hold him. They said it would be fine. They had to detach the tube from his IV (they're replenishing his fluids) and when they brought him into the room he was wearing the infamous CONE OF SHAME because he had been trying to get at the tape that was holding the IV needle securely in his leg. He's a sneaky one, my Red.
The Vet Tech was so sweet to remove the cone so I could snuggle-hug my furry baby boy. He looked so good, that I am now floating with joy and no more fear he will die.
Red is a favorite of the staff at our animal hospital, and they were so sweet to me today. (I walked in cryng and left the same way, but it had tured to tears of joy.) When I got home I called our florist and ordered a large vase of flowers to be delivered to thank the front desk ladies for always being so sweet to us and to our dogs, and for making Red a favorite at Eads Animal Hospital.

In other news, our garden is looking good. It's strawberry season and our teeny tiny strawberry patch is already producing fruit that is so sweet. I think we need a larger patch of the garden dedicated to this wonderful Spring fruit. The new fruit trees (apples, pears, and figs) are filling with blossoms, there are aleady baby blueberries on the blueberry bushes, and small flowers on the raspberries. And my bottle trees are trying hard to stop falling over. (will try to add a photo of them)

My sons are doing well, Adam and his fiance's business continues to grow, and Dan is enjoying his Clinical Rotations at the hospital and studying for more exams.


Hello LJ friends, life is good here. The weather has been lovely since the last storm went through.
My son Dan will be home soon. He's picking up a used car he bought, as he will soon be moving out of the condo with his friend and the friend's pregnant wife. She's carrying twin girls, and they are entering the nesting stage of the pregnancy and they need Dan's room for the nursery. He's looking for a one bedroom place nearby. It will be so good having him home, if even for a couple of days, and I know that not having to depend on borrowing his friends' car when he needs to run errands will be a weight off all their shoulders.

I am healing nicely from the surgery on the two bulging discs in my neck. Every once in a while I still get some pain in the areas that were affected by the situation and while I am trying to get through it without pain meds, I admit to being grateful that I still have them for the times the pain is keeping me from getting things done. I am sill so happy that I had this done, and expect to continue to gain relief as the healing continues. My surgeon and the staff at SEMMES-MURPHY are all patient centered, helpful, and kind.

I hope you are all doing well.

PS @Jamie, did you find the skincream?



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